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Defining water

March 28, 2010

macro water drop by Hypergurl from Flickr

Going back to basics here. What exactly is water and what does it mean for our life and our wellbeing? Check out what wikipedia has to say on the subject of water.

I’m more interested in how we take our water supply for granted, at least here in New Zealand, and what happens when things go wrong with it; it gets polluted, it dries up, others compete for it and other life forms it supports die. According to Te Ara Encylopedia of New Zealand, water pollution comes from two main sources; point source (a single outlet such as a pipe or drain) and non-point sources, which is from diffuse seepage.

How can we conserve water on an individual level and as a society? For example, did you know that for every one tonne of paper recycled 31,780 litres of water are conserved. Check out the zerowaste site.

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