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More ideas on water research

April 25, 2010

I think some of what makes for a successful blog is how personal it is and how it connects with other people. So I’ve been thinking more about my research ideas. I could spend ages documenting poor water quality, which is not hard to do. But that doesn’t really take me further and serves just to make me feel miserable about the state of our environment.

I would still like to follow the journey my water has made to get to me and where it goes when it goes down my drains. But I think I will focus on the personal and political reasons on how we can better manage and improve water quality.

This means looking at what I can do to conserve or protect water in my area -through personal usage or looking at lobbying efforts. However, I also think problems go far beyond the individual and so I will look at the structural and political level of how we use, manage and conserve water -sometimes with success but often not (will come back to the Environment Canterbury situation).

Some blogs that are also focused on the personal and environmental issues that I like are Live NZ Made about a woman trying to buy NZ made produces for a year on a student budget, and Sue in my course who is looking at fish and where we get our fish from (Thevoiceofsue).

Another blog about water, specifically Dunedin water, is Water Ways. This was done by a Sci Comm student last year for the course.

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