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Art, water and blogging

June 22, 2010

On the topic of art and water, this sculpture by Wayne Hill was put up in the Riverton Estuary to celebrate solstice celebrations. But then some idiot cut it down with a chainsaw and took off with it as reported on Robert Guyton’s blog.

I’m slowly starting to warm to this blogging thing and seeing the point of it more. I think many journalists (in New Zealand anyway) are still sceptical about bloggers. The hardest thing as a journalist writing about factual stuff is putting yourself into the picture and putting aside that supposedly sacred concept of objectivity. Another big mindset change is the level of interaction required. In a newspaper you publish a story in a paper and you might have a phone call or it might even trigger a letter to the editor. In most cases you don’t get any feedback. Blogging, is so removed from that. Conversations start and you end up elsewhere, meeting others who share the same interest and adding to your knowledge.  That can also be it’s downfall I guess, as you can end up not challenging your own views if you only seek out the things you want to look at.

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  1. June 22, 2010 8:12 pm

    Thanks for the reference Juliet. The damage to the estuary-meets-art project through the foolishness of the old vandal won’t stop the spread of citizen-generated artworks at all, in fact, the artists are stimulated into greater action now!
    You will probably be interested in the beautiful photographs that Marty on his blog Mars2Earth. He photographs water and in the link below, has captured shots of the surface of the Pupu Springs. Beautiful. His blog has other water shots as well.

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