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My washing machine uses 140 litres on a medium wash

July 4, 2010

A front loader is the way to go for efficient water useOn a regular wash at medium water level my washing machine, a Fisher and Paykel ECS Fridgidaire, uses 140 litres – that’s the cycle I use almost always. If it’s a big load and I use a high water level it will use 195 litres, and a small load will use 70 litres.

Interestingly, a ‘delicate’ cycle uses way more: 180 litres for a medium load, 240 litres for a big load and 90 for a small load, though I can’t recall every using the delicate button – we go more for robust clothing around here. Thanks to the Fisher and Paykel customer care centre for this information, someone responded to my email within about 5 hours of sending it.

My washing machine is older (passed on from my parents) and top loading. Front loaders (see picture above), although more expensive, are way more efficient, using only a third the amount of water and requiring less power. That’s because a top loader requires enough water to cover all the clothes in the drum, while front loaders have a turning drum, which uses gravity to turn the clothes back in the water as it moves.

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  1. July 4, 2010 10:42 pm

    front loader washing machines have always used much less water than the big top loader types. We repair washing machines in the UK and i have noticed that the big Whirlpool top loaders don’t have a wash heater in then, so you cannot select a precific wash temp. They have a hot, warm or cold water button.The hot button fill with hot water only(which depends on the temperature of in the hot water tank), warm is hot and cold water together and cold for the cold wash. This must be a nightmare for getting stains out of clothes?

    • July 4, 2010 10:55 pm

      Thanks for your comments. I was also reading that for some of the front loaders you can’t do a proper cold wash as it will only let you use a warm temperature. I do cold water washes and it does pretty well in most cases, but yes, the children’s clothing probably has more stains than if I used warm or hot washes. My next washing machine purchase (whenever that may be given I’m a poor student) will definitely be a front loader.

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