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A day at Treble Cone

August 15, 2010

Treble Cone CCby Ben Gertzfield

I got in a day skiing at Treble Cone last week while on a family trip to Lake Hawea. My attitude towards skiing has change a lot compared to when I was younger. I used to be so into it, I’d be obsessed with getting in as many days as possible in a ski season.

Now, I can take or leave the whole ski-field thing. I still enjoy the physical activity of whooshing down a mountain fast and in control, especially in great conditions.

But I would rather spend the day ski-touring, away from other people – moving up a hill under my own steam (skins on touring skis and bindings) with very little downhill time to show for it.

I’m not sure if it is partly because I always feel so ripped off paying the exorbitant ticket price (compared to my youth when someone else paid for it) or my ideas of getting out and about have changed (as in being away from crowds and things like advertising on the safety bar on the chair lift).

Anyway it was still a fine day out with clear blue skies and relatively fresh snow, and we did a few hikes to get some fresh powder. Always a marvelous view (in fine weather) from Treble Cone looking out towards Wanaka.

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