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Jessica Watson learning to drive

August 16, 2010

Jessica Watson with NSW safety boating officers

Kathryn Ryan interviewed Jessica Watson, the teenager who recently completed her solo round the world voyage, on National Radio last week.

Jessica has already written a book about her experiences, though says she is now just getting on with normal things in life like learning to drive and finishing school. Listening to her I was struck by her maturity and down-to-earth pragmatic approach.

Interestingly Jessica says as a kid she was always scared of everything -heights, getting wet, you name it – and was not sure when that changed into a confident outlook. She started sailing at 8 and then at 11 became motivated by Jesse Martin’s book (Lionheart: A journey of the human spirit – he became the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe in 1999 ), which planted the seed for her own trip.

Her parents didn’t take her idea seriously to begin with but it was her mother who came on board and supported her first and then much later on, her father.  She says the mindset for her trip was about “maintaining one day after the next”.

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