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Reflections on the blog process

October 5, 2010

I’ve been asked to reflect on the experience and benefits or otherwise of having a blog. For me the benefits have been in:

  • Sorting out ideas for my thesis and providing some order to my thinking
  • Providing a way to interact and get feedback from people who read my blog, who I otherwise would not have come into contact with
  • Seeing what my classmates are doing and where their work is going

I like that you can use a blog in a way that suits – I like to meander about on a topic and have it almost as a record/journal of my thoughts, signposting things to come back to.

As a writer I’ve focused on text posts illustrated with images, rather than other forms of storytelling, as in video or audio, although these are of course important ways of communicating. In hindsight, becoming more comfortable with software, such as Garageband, would have encouraged more use of video/audio podcasts.

I think it is also important knowing what to leave out of a blog. Someone in our class mentioned he didn’t like putting up explanations/about an artwork, as it somehow took away from the final product, diminishing its mystery. There is something in that idea: I think the writing process and subject matter is important to discuss in a blog, but at some stage you have to leave it behind and get on with the job of writing and completing your project. For me it’s about using the fleeting, casual, unfinished nature of a blog to assist in getting the job done. Having said that I realize for some bloggers the blog is ‘the job’ and the main communication output.

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