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Good way to finish the end of classes

October 17, 2010

I’d stopped thinking about going skiing probably since my August family trip, so it was a nice surprise to get a day ski touring on Saturday, and also a good way to release some energy at the end of the university term. My mate Roger asked me, and, despite having a cold, and a son limping around with a sore foot, I got the go ahead to get away for the day.

The worst part being was the 4.45am wake-up to drive from Invers to the mountains, in order to make the most of an early start before the weather turned bad later on. We headed to the Remarkables, which had closed the week before, and up the grand couloir leading from Lake Alta to the ridge of Single Cone. Alas our dreams of powder were not to be as we encountered rock-hard snow. We cramponed up most of the way, to the bottle neck towards the top of the couloir.

Couloir heading up toward Single Cone

After some discussion we decided the snow wasn’t going to soften up so no point going further and having to back-climb the crux, which wasn’t skiable (and one of the group was without crampons). As it was the ski down wasn’t nice, actually it was horrid. It was tentative, ice-scrapping turns most of the way on cruddy snow strewn with small rocks of snow. “Ahh, it’s nice to get out and about,” we said to each other – the fall back position when the conditions are crap.

I'm on the right, above is the couloir we came down

Towards the lake it softened up with a thin layer of fluffy snow atop the hard stuff. This was the motivation to skin up the other side to the Alta chutes. I came down the main chute and the others came down the one above it (can’t remember what they are called). Much better snow though I wouldn’t call the conditions ideal. Back at the car by 1pm and home just after 3pm. Not a bad day out at all.

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  1. Anne Smith permalink
    October 21, 2010 9:03 am

    Lovely photos on Flicker Juliet. Even if the snow wasn’t good, you had a beautiful day for it.

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