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In between things – thinking space

December 13, 2010

My new Quarry Beach surfboard

Haven’t done much blogging lately. I sort of feel caught in no-man’s land between here and Christmas. My research seems to have ground to a halt as kids activities, organising Christmas events and other stuff takes over.

Perhaps procrastination is another word for it  -it’s true I’ve been doing a lot of house ‘decluttering’ and am feeling refreshed to be rid of stuff. The weather is also too nice to be sitting in front of a computer and to top it off my research requires interviewing people and that means travelling from Invercargill to do so.

Though sometimes it is just nice to enjoy a breather and some thinking space before launching into my project full on. Easier said than done though – the art of relaxing. Last night I composed my first chapter in my head from 3am to 5am with a restless toddler beside me. Hopefully that is not a sign of obsessiveness to come.

My partner’s just picked up the latest Rock and Ice magazine and complaining because he won’t be going on any epic trips some time soon. Still there are plenty of one-day trips we can do, such as a successful family outing surfing at Colac Bay that we had on the weekend. The kids loved playing on the beach and we both got a surf. I’m enjoying my new board by Dunedin shaper Graham  Carse (see picture). Soon, for the surfing part of my project I’m going to interview some surfers to look at changes that have taken place at surfing and the development of areas like big wave surfing.

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