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Kayaking on Waituna Lagoon

February 28, 2011

We took the kids kayaking on Waituna Lagoon on Sunday. It was a calm sunny day and the water was as still as glass. We had borrowed the sit-on kayaks from a mate. I was a little doubtful that Harrison would even get into one when it was not sitting on dry land.

But they both did, beginning with me and the kids in the double kayak and being pulled across the shin-deep water. When they got used to that Sylvia and I got into the ‘wobbly’ single kayak and Harrison chilled out with Dad in the big one. We paddled into the Eastern part of the Lagoon, watching a few birds and seeing the odd fish surface. “I like kayaking,” Sylvia kept telling me. “Don’t lean over,” I had to say sharply a few times as we threatened to tip. Nervous nellie Harrison was not so sure but was pretty pleased with himself about the trip afterwards, saying he enjoyed it and he went faster than Mum and Sylvia.

The Lagoon was a beautiful place to be on such a day, and I felt lucky to be there. It is depressing to think that the Lagoon is in poor health – essentially from poor water quality due to land intensification – and is threatening to flip into a deadened state, such as Lake Ellismere in Canterbury. Strong action needs to be taken now to prevent this happening so generations for years to come can also enjoy the place.

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