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The joys of blackberry picking

March 19, 2011

I’ve rediscovered the joys of blackberry picking after seeing a big patch while running through Queens Park the other day. Later I took the kids and got about half a kilogram in a short time -made shorter by meltdowns from kids – and last night we enjoyed blackberry and apple (from our tree) pie.

Today we drove to Sandy Point and the blackberries there were bigger, juicier more plentiful and we got another load in about 20 minutes – despite the wind and the rain – which I’m now making into blackberry sorbet.

Picking blackberries takes me back to my childhood when I used to scramble down a steep bank near my home in Dunedin and collect them. I’d usually go by myself and come back covered in scratches. I remember once falling and getting stuck upside down in a blackberry bush and being unable to move. Luckily I was near the top of the bank and beside that ran a footpath and I called out to some guy on his way home from school who pulled me out.

Bit of an afterthought: half eaten blackberry and apple pie

There is definitely some smug pleasure to be got from gathering food like blackberries, and the scratches and adventure of collecting them is all part of it. I only wish I’d started doing it in the last few years we’ve been in Invercargill. I never realised what abundant crops -although an invasive pest on the environment – there are around here.

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