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Pig hunting again: this time success

March 20, 2011

I went pig hunting yesterday with Dave and three other mates of his up at a sheep station heading towards Te Anau. Success this time as we got three pigs.

The first after 20 minutes was 150 pounds -Tim in the photo is carrying it, the dogs were on to it straight away. The other two were little ones.

It was an action-packed morning running round steep hills and gullys after the pigs (am pretty tired now -though guess it was good training towards my upcoming mountain run). I thoroughly enjoyed it, and can see what the thrill is all about. Didn’t feel squeamish with all the blood and guts either.

I can see why pig hunting gets its reputation as a ‘hard man’s sport’ because of the level of physical exertion involved. The ¬†process of building up knowledge about the dogs, the pigs and their behaviour, hunting areas, weather and bush conditions is a complex web of experience versus induction through other hunters and story telling. It is also almost an exclusively masculine endeavour (despite the odd exception) and I’m going to be thinking more about why that is.

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