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How important is adventure in your life?

March 25, 2011

I’ve been thinking a bit about adventure lately, and the meanings around it and how much value we place on it. It seems to me that it is becoming less of a value in our society as growing emphasis is placed on safety. I don’t think adventure necessarily has to involve physical risk, but it does involve uncertainty, perhaps a departure from the norm, and stepping outside of comfort zones. Some see it as an “episode” or an event, more pronounced than other experiences.

I’ve been doing a qualitative study with outdoorsy couples and talking about their outdoor experiences and how views, such as looking at risk, have changed since having children. I’ve also asked them about adventure and one particular answer really resonated with me. That was: “I think adventure is part of what your memories are and I think it’s really important, you know, if you’ve conquered something or done something that sense of adventure makes me feel alive.”

I like the idea that it is the reflection, the story of your adventure  and how you process that experience that is also just as important as the adventure itself. She goes on to say:  “When you are old and grey and may not remember much else you might remember your adventures, that feeling of succeeding or doing something, or that risk, or I might have broken my leg, but it’s another story to tell the grandchildren or their children.”

Let me know if you’ve got any particular views about adventure.


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