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After the Routeburn run

May 8, 2011

A well-deserved sit down after the Three Peaks race

It’s this time last week that I was slogging it out on the Routeburn run. About now I was wondering what I had been thinking signing up to it and what a waste that I wasn’t walking (although let’s face it I walked most of the hills) to better enjoy the beautiful views on such a gorgeous day. But on I went and eventually, 5 hours and 3 minutes later, I crossed the finish line.

So how was it? Well, a mix of pleasure and pain. Suffering and nausea at the worst patches and elation and joy in the peak moments. Not sure I’ll do it again at this stage, although I had been aiming for a better time so that could be the motivation to do it again – easy to see how you can get sucked into that sort of thinking. Waiting in line for a sausage afterwards I heard a guy saying it was his 7th time doing it and this year was the best weather and conditions ever.

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