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Hawaii surf and sun

July 19, 2011

Waikiki surfing

Well finally, after fantasizing about it for months, we have made it to Hawaii. Good on my in-laws for deciding to have their 50th wedding anniversary here. It is very hot -takes some adjusting to  straight from the depths of an Invercargill winter. But that’s ok when our holiday is revolving around the beach and the pool.

Every man, woman, and child seems to have a surfboard or board of some type or other, including a woman we saw yesterday who was taking her dog for a walk, dragging him along on a boogyboard in the water. The dog was also wearing sunglasses because she told us he had ‘fragile’ eyes.

Unfortunately the back injury ain’t up to getting on a surfboard although today I went out on a catamaran off Waikiki with the children. It was a fun trip – a slight breeze until we got out from the beach and then the wind was quite strong -white-capping, as we went towards Diamond Head. There was about a three/four feet swell so we got a fair amount of water sprayed in our face as we went over the waves. Harrison – the cautious one – had a great time, while Sylvia fell asleep on me about half way through it, oblivious to the waves splashing on her -or perhaps because of it.

Given my thesis topic I found it quite an interesting contrast the way safety was done compared to my recent Queenstown tourism adventures. No safety briefings whatsoever, let alone life jackets (though I did see a sign saying 4 child life jackets below the deck). We were just told to hold on to our hats in case they blow off and not to take my two-year-old on to the netting. Very laid back compared to New Zealand,  yet the States is a totally libelous society.

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  1. John permalink
    July 19, 2011 4:03 pm

    but when you go skiing in the US they are super vigilant over safety – taking great care setting bindings etc.

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