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A mission to Captain Cook Monument, Hawaii

July 26, 2011

Captain Cook monument

We were probably a bit over optimistic about our abilities today. We decided to have an ‘easy day’ and go to the monument marking where Captain Cook clashed with the Hawaiins and was stabbed.

There is no road to Kealakekua Bay. Most people take a boat or kayak and snorkel in the renowned fish reserve. There’s a good reason for this we found out. We decided to walk the 2 and a half mile track there, which a blog I read told me would take about one to one and a half hours. The start of the track was not signed but I had a detailed description of where it started by a particular avocado tree and powerpole.

It was a long hot track, with volcano rubble underfoot meaning the going wasn’t easy, especially for small feet. That saying ‘only mad dogs and English men’ was ringing in my ears. The sea looked far away. Sylvia -all 16kg of her- refused to walk and had to be carried all the way down, mostly on Greg’s shoulders. Harrison did a steller job and walked all the way, with a bit of cajoling and several rests. We were relieved to get to the monument (after an hour and 20 mins) and were not looking forward to the return trip in the hot afternoon sun.

The bay itself was beautiful, despite being crowded with half a dozen boats and loads of kayakers. The water was incredibly clear and there were hundreds of brightly coloured fish I’d never seen before. We had a leisurely play and the kids had paddle. 

After lunch it was time for the long trek back. It was searing hot and Harrison wilted quickly. Sylvia had already taken up prime position on Greg’s shoulders.

So Harrison piggybacked on me, with a wet towel wrapped around us, strapping him in place. Can’t say it was the best thing for my back  but we had to get out of the steepest hottest part as soon as possible. By now I’m cursing our decision to walk, thinking why do we have to do things the hardest way. We took many rests where we could find some shade. I carried Sylvia for a bit, and thankfully Harrison walked the last half mile. It felt like quite an achievement – tomorrow we are definitely taking it easy. 

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  1. aspo permalink
    July 26, 2011 9:00 am

    hi guys, sounds like a big day out!!
    found this extract from a blog. thought you might like it.
    good luck, and go hard
    ps snorkelling looks mint!!

    “A compression fracture in your upper spine tends to do that. Can just walk, very slowly, though no driving, no bending, no lifting my arms or picking up anything heavy – let along toddlers. “

    • July 27, 2011 6:07 am

      Ha ha, yeah don’t I know it, though if I hadn’t carried him he’d still be sitting there! Still, much better than I was 5 weeks ago else I wouldn’t have even tried it.

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