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Holiday in the sun over, back to winter

August 9, 2011

We got back from Hawaii last week. Such a shame holidays have to end. Back to work, reality and cold. Thankfully it was quite mild and sunny the first few days back but the last few days have been stormy, wet, and sleety – we were woken at 3.30am with the house shaking with thunder and lightening.

May as well embrace the weather eh, so we went for a little outing today to get to some snow (predicted to sea-leve but didn’t make it). We drove up forestry roads up Bald Hill in the Longwoods until we started sliding in the snow. We put chains on and went a few more kms until the road got too rough and steep for the Toyota.

Suited the kids up in their snow suits and put them into the sled (two-old skies, a wooden frame on top and then an old plastic container – on it’s second season) and Greg dragged them up the hill. Harrison walked a fair bit in ski boots. Syliva started to lose it with cold hands and feet and it started snowing heavily so we beat a quick retreat. A good two-hour walk, making the most of the snow.

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