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Studies finished

December 14, 2011

Time to relax and enjoy summer

Well, it’s been a long time between blogs but now that I’ve finished my 83,000 word thesis I should be posting a bit more regularly. I found that I couldn’t justify writing this blog when I should have been working on my thesis. There are so many ways of procrastinating I had to put some limits on it!

Now it’s done – still can’t quite believe it – in the new year I’ll be looking for a job or freelance writing, and also see if I can find a way to get my manuscript Beyond Comfort published. My book is about adventure ideas and my own take on adventuring through a variety of trips and talking to people passionate about their outdoor activities. At some stage I might get round to posting some excerpts from it here.

For now, we’ve been enjoying some great weather in Southland and getting to the beach frequently with the kids. And Greg and I are even getting away for a night this weekend to ourselves. We have lots of options -surfing, rock-climbing, some light mountaineering or taking our dinghy out somewhere in Fiordland – though limited by time,  weather and, I have to admit, fitness. I think rock-climbing near Queenstown is looking the most popular at this stage, and I’m also quite favourable on the idea of treating ourselves in Queenstown.


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