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The pleasures of gardening

February 21, 2012

Enough of the courgettes

I’ve been loving my vegie garden this summer. It’s been a great growing season here with lots of dry warm weather but also bouts of rain. I never thought I’d ever be a committed gardener but it is an intensely pleasurable activity to see plants you’ve planted grow and then that smug satisfaction you get later when you can cook and eat them.

I try and grow new things that I’ve never tried, like fennel and turnips this year, as well as the reliable, such as courgettes and carrots. I’ve also grown kale (a bumper crop and have been searching for recipes to use it, kale and onion pizza was a winner even though it sounds dodgy), red onions, shallots, broad beans, cabbage, cauliflower, bok-choy, rocket, potatoes, beetroot, garlic, spinach, silver-beet, snap peas, celery, lettuce (cos and others), pumpkin (for the first time), tomatoes, cucumber and basil.

carrots, beetroot, shallots, turnips

My strawberries were pretty good for a while, my raspberries were disappointingly bug-eaten and I need more red/black current bushes to make the crop worthwhile for jam, like my neighbours do. Probably went over the top with the courgette/zucinni this year. After making courgette fritters, courgette pickle, courgette dip, courgette bread, courgette salad as well as injecting it into other meals where possible, I am thoroughly sick of it and I have given up trying to make my children eat it.

Sylvia with cauliflower

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