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Gathering time of year -blackberries, rosehips, apples

March 26, 2012

It’s a great time of year for gathering and harvesting and we’ve been making the most of it in the last few weeks. There is nothing quite like that smug feeling of getting something great for free. We’ve been on several blackberry picking jaunts, which has resulted in delicious blackberry pie and blackberry jelly. Hopefully I’m not putting my children off – I asked if they wanted to go blackberry picking again, and they both loudly said no, because of “too many prickles”. At least the rain didn’t bother them.

On a recent trip to Queenstown I stocked up on rosehips, which I’ve made rosehip syrup with, though you’ve got to be careful picking them. I was still picking out prickles from my fingers days later.

prickly rosehips

Also we stopped by a roadside apple tree and got some apples on the way home. Disappointing that a tree we got apples from last year, totally laden with apples, was bare. Not sure if others had got there before us or else the season was a bit different and we’d left it too late.

roadside apples

At home my garden is looking a little sad but still getting a good crop of potatoes, silverbeet and fennel.

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