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How much outdoor activity with children is too much?

April 2, 2012

I quite like this blog post I read today about “slow parenting”, while raising active kids. Some good advice to heed, you don’t always have to be planning big outdoor trips to do with kids, although it is nice to do one every now and then.

On the other hand, I saw this the other day and was in awe of what this mother, Trish Ellis Herr and her two children have achieved, climbing 48 of New Hampshire’s highest peaks with her two girls, now 6 and 9 (she has written a book called Up:  A mother and daughter’s peak bagging adventure). Though some people would find that ludicrous, I think it is fine so long as the children are enjoying it, and otherwise it would be pretty hard to push your children up that many mountains unless they did want to do it themselves.

It is actually surprising how far children can walk when they get used to it. My children enjoy walking now, and 3-year-old Sylvia did an easy 40 minute walk at Sandy Point yesterday, though it certainly helped that there were a bunch of other children to keep her interested and helped her forget when she got tired.

bush walkers

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