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I am gatherer – hear me roar!

April 5, 2012

Blackberry jellySorry to go on about blackberry picking, but I’m obviously addicted to it. I came across the best blackberry patch ever yesterday. It was so exciting – only for the blackberry picking connosieur I guess.

I had gone for a run and decided to check out this patch (can’t tell you where but they are not too hard to find in Southland), which last year had only a few measly blackberries on it. Well, this time it was  loaded with the biggest plumpest ripe blackberries ever. I think it had something to do with the beehives nearby.

I went to work, though was a bit hamstrung as I had no containers in the car, just a small plastic bag, which I had to keep refilling and emptying the blackberries out on to an old top, now stained forever. There were branches loaded with ripe berries, so I barely scratched the surface with my picking.

I got 1.5kg of the finest looking and tasting blackberries, plus added a few apples and made blackberry jelly. You have to strain the berries through a cloth, which turned a very satisfying deep pink/magenta – be great for dying fabric.

Oh, the satisfying life of the wild gatherer.

Blackberries make a great dye

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