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Below are the links to my posts containing podcasts done during August and September 2010 as part of my master’s research into the changing nature of outdoor adventure pursuits and ideas on risk.

The podcasts are audio interviews (largely unedited to get the feel of the interview) between 5 and 13 minutes long with a range of people involved in outdoor adventure pursuits. The aim was to see what narratives about outdoor adventures I could come across and some common themes. The interviews are also helping me refine my ideas for a qualitative study and a creative non-fiction book that I’ll be doing next year.

Roger and kayaking: Early experiences in the outdoors, the importance of teamwork and kayaking with those you know and trust, close calls.

Geoff Ockwell: An academic from the Otago University’s physical education school explains adventure concepts and ideas. Thoughts on a wider definition of adventure beyond ‘Red bull’ extreme sports.

Aspo and surfing and climbing: How he came to get into a range of outdoor pursuits, an early highlight in rockclimbing, changing views on risk and carrying an emergency beacon.

Dad’s climbing story: Climbing Aspiring on the 60s, how children changed his ideas on risk, taking students into the outdoors.

And here is a post about my thoughts on the audio interviewing process, from the perspective of a novice audio sound person.

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